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6 Important Features in Instagram Marketing 2020

Updated: Mar 17

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably a marketer looking to advertise on Instagram to make a digital presence and to reach a wider audience. Instagram is one of the trendy social networks in the current generation. Though Facebook is a well-known social media among the audience more than a dozen of people are actively using Instagram. This platform helps you to connect to the audience visually and make them totally engaged. We can use this platform in a way to promote all kinds of products and services with the visual feed which helps to promote your brand’s uniqueness.

Instagram allows you to create stories ads, picture ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads and ads in explore. Like on all social channels the above formats can be used to promote the business. If you need any assistance regarding the Instagram ads we the Digital Marketing Company in Chennai is looking forward to helping you. Let me guide you with the ads that are available on the Instagram platform.


Here Instagram lets your ad to be displayed for 24 hrs which can be a video, picture or even just content to promote your business. This story can also be used to collect ideas and tastes of the viewers through various ways like taking a poll, quiz or likeness measure.


This lets you display the canvas of your business in a portrait or a landscape form. Instagram runs this canvas through all the 500 million users on Instagram platform. It also lets you add your website URL of your page. Picture ads get displayed according to each user to his or her own interest and taste.


Instagram lets you display a 60 seconds video content of your ad to the users. This 60 seconds video should be short and crisp which should be able to show all the traits and motives of your business.


This is a campaign where Instagram lets to swipe for more photos and videos in a single ad. It is more or less the same as the picture ads but you can more than just one ad.


Through collection ads, Instagram lets you visually inspire the audience. This is an effective way to promote your business. It pushes your audience more compared to other ads to buy your product.


This is a commonplace where users get to see the feed of other pages that they follow. So Instagram lets you display your ad here even to those who don’t follow your Instagram page.

There are more features on Instagram which lets us check number of conversions your ad gets in a day. It lets you keep a count on the number of users who visit, contact and the ones who buy your products.

It’s almost impossible to ignore social media because it influences everyday life and also increases the opportunity for business. Engage your audience and build customer relationships using the Ads.


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